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What We Do

One Design exists to create evocative and enduring brands.
We are galvanised by unorthodox thinking. Recognising that style and substance aren’t mutually exclusive, we believe that exceptional design arises from a robust foundational idea. We work collaboratively with our clients to create meaningful work that makes a formidable impact in its category.
We are an agile, hands on team who are motivated to deliver immaculate, nuanced design across all our projects, regardless of their scale. Our work deftly balances playfulness with purpose, and artistry with commercial viability, resulting in an execution that engages consumers and engenders longstanding loyalty. We work meticulously, delving into every new creative challenge in a questioning and explorative way with a rigorous commitment to craft and detail.
Well established with over 20 years in the industry, we have carved a niche for ourselves in packaging design, primarily across beverages and FMCG, and our awards attest to the high quality of our work.



New Zealand Best Awards

Silver — Scapegrace Whisky (Packaging)
Silver — Nel Restaurant (Small Brand Identity)
Silver — Silo Theatre (Design Communication)
Bronze — Selaks (Packaging)
Bronze — Selaks (Illustration)
Finalist — Superstate (Packaging)

Australian AGDA Awards

Merit — Scapegrace Whisky (Packaging)
Merit — Nel Restaurant (Small Brand Identity)
Merit — Superstate (Packaging)
Finalist — Selaks (Packaging)


New Zealand Best Awards

Gold — Round Theory (Packaging)
Silver — The Group Core (Packaging)
Bronze — The Group Luxe (Packaging)
Bronze — State of Light (Packaging)
Finalist — The Group Core (Design Communication)
Finalist — The Group Organics (Packaging)
Finalist — Round Theory (Large Brand Identity)
Finalist — Zeffer Seltzer (Packaging)
Finalist — Mudbrick (Small Brand Identity)

Australian AGDA Awards

Merit — The Group Core (Alcoholic Beverage)
Merit — Round Theory (Alcoholic Beverage)
Merit — Round Theory (Large Brand Identity)
Merit — Zeffer Seltzer (Alcoholic Beverage)
Finalist — Jules Taylor (Alcoholic Beverage)
Finalist — The Group Luxe (Alcoholic Beverage)
Finalist — The Group Organics (Alcoholic Beverage)
Finalist — State of Light (Alcoholic Beverage)
Finalist — The Group (Brand Expression)


New Zealand Best Awards

Silver — Island Gin (Packaging)
Bronze — Scapegrace Gin RTD (Packaging)
Finalist — Neon Jungle (Colour)
Finalist — Superfresh (Packaging)
Finalist — Astrolabe (Packaging)
Finalist — Astrolabe (Small Brand Identity)

Australian AGDA Awards

Distinction — Island Gin (Packaging)
Merit — Astrolabe (Packaging)

World Brand Design Awards

Black (1st Place) — Island Gin (Packaging)

Kātoitoi (NZ Design Archive)

Identity & Technical Innovation — Island Gin
Identity & Environmental Impact — Astrolabe
Environmental & Social Good Impact — Round Theory (Identity)
Innovation & Environmental Impact — Round Theory (Packaging)
Identity & Environmental Impact — Lake Hāwea Station


New Zealand Best Awards

Silver — Alpha Domus (Packaging)
Bronze — La Fuente (Small Brand Identity)
Finalist — Happy Hour (Colour)
Finalist — Happy Hour (Packaging)
Finalist — Basement Theatre (Editorial & Books)
Finalist — Marquis de Conflans (Packaging)

Australian AGDA Awards

Distinction — La Fuente (Branding Small Business)
Merit — Marquis de Conflans (Alcoholic Beverage)
Merit — Good Luck Coconut (Branding Small Beverage)
Merit — Basement Theatre (Books)
Finalist — Alpha Domus (Alcoholic Beverage)
Finalist — Happy Hour (Alcoholic Beverage)


New Zealand Best Awards

Bronze — Basement Theatre (Colour)
Finalist — Terra Sancta (Design/Craft)
Finalist — Empirical Wines (Packaging)
Finalist — Terra Sancta (Packaging)
Finalist — Fry Baby (Small Brand Identity)

The Dieline Awards (Global)

First Place — Lone Bee


New Zealand Best Awards

Silver — Wild Grace (Packaging)
Silver — Crafters Union (Packaging)
Bronze — Lone Bee (Packaging)
Finalist — Be. (Small Brand Identity)

Australian AGDA Awards

Distinction — Crafters Union
Distinction — Lone Bee
Finalist — Wild Grace


New Zealand Best Awards

Silver — The People's Wine (Packaging)
Silver — Little Jimmy (Small Brand Identity)
Bronze — Triumph & Disaster (Business Communication)
Bronze — Zeffer Cider (Packaging)
Finalist — Live (Large Brand Identity)


New Zealand Best Awards

Gold — Scapegrace (Packaging)
Silver — Scapegrace (Small Brand Identity)
Silver — Baduzzi (Small Brand Identity)
Finalist — Scapegrace (Design Communication)
Finalist — Matua (Design Craft/Illustration)
Finalist — Bennetto (Packaging)
Finalist — Daily Organics (Packaging)
Finalist — Matua (Packaging)


New Zealand Best Awards

Silver — Moa Brewing Co (Business Communication)
Silver — Black Grape Society (Large Brand Identity)
Silver — Terra Sancta (Packaging)
Bronze — Black Grape Society (Packaging)
Bronze — Ngarimu Blair (Small Brand Identity)
Finalist — Moon Bar (Packaging)